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HockeyHKWS 23-24 Circular No. 15 - Provisional 2024 Winter League Fixtures

Dear Convenors,

Please see attached the draft fixtures for 2024 for comment.

Unfortunately, due to pitch shortages and national duties, there will be two matches outstanding in the Premier Division after Christmas, one of which will impact the standings for Prem and which teams will participate in Prem A and which in Prem B.  We therefore have had to issue two versions of the fixtures to adequately prepare teams for either scenario.  While the committee have endeavoured to keep the impact to non-premier teams minimal, there may be some small differences between the two versions that could impact all teams.  The website will be updated, and a final set of fixtures will be sent around on 8th Jan 2024 following the completion of the game in question.  HKCC A and Ewis A have been confirmed to play in Premier B in 2024.

The two fixture options are as follows:

Option 1 – there are two mid-week Premier teams in Prem A, and none in Prem B.

Option 2 – there is one mid-week team in Prem A (Bauhinia) and one in Prem B (Masters A).

For additional information to pass to your players and support teams:

  1. Kings Park continues to remain closed, and as such, pitch space is at a premium.  We can fit in a full league cycle, but there is little to no flexibility on the fixtures once they have been published.  The leagues, in particular the midweek teams, will continue to play later into May than we have experienced in the past to finalise all fixtures (and in some cases are running concurrently with cups).
  2. We have not been able to accommodate no-play dates.  These will be carefully considered with a reason if provided within the comment window.
  3. Due to lack of mid-week pitch slots, there are a handful of games for mid-week teams that will take place on a Saturday, they will not conflict with Saturday league matches.   Please pay attention to these.
  4. Placeholders for knockout tournaments have been included in the fixtures - The cup draws will take place at the 5 a side tournaments and fixtures will be updated accordingly (please be aware for minor changes). 

Please let us know of any comments on the fixtures by EOD 8th December, bearing in mind the constraints mentioned and final fixtures for each option will be released.


Kind regards,