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P&D Section Committee

The Hong Kong Hockey Association (P&D Section) - Committee Member List 2023/2024

Position Name Email
Chairman Jaime COLLACO

Hon. Secretary LEE Chi Lok
Hon. Treasurer Bilal MOHAMMED
Committee Member Alexandra HARRINGTON
Committee Member TAM Hiu Wa (Candy)
Committee Member CHAN Wai Lun (Mike)
Committee Member CHUNG Shun Hei (Sky)
Ex-officio Representative from HKHA Council
(Vice President)

Promotion and Development Section (P&D) is one of the five sections of The Hong Kong Hockey Association. As its name suggests, the objectives of P&D are to promote and develop hockey in Hong Kong.

We look forward to see more young hockey players playing in the pitches. While there have been a very organized mini hockey development programs run by the four mini hockey clubs in Hong Kong, P&D concentrates mainly on kids of age 12 - 19. Through organizing activities such as Hong Kong Junior 9s Tournament, Youth League, U-15 Overseas Tour, Junior Hockey Promotion Scheme, we hope to deeply root our young boys and girls affection on hockey at their early age.

In additions, we actively promote and develop hockey in grass-root levels by arranging demonstrations / training sessions in local primary and secondary schools. The free hockey class we run every week in Happy Valley has attracted many hockey rookies to make their first dribble there.

Tertiary Institution Hockey (TIH), a sub-committee of P&D, focuses on the hockey promotion and development among students of tertiary institutes. They send two promotion teams, mens and womens, under the auspices of P&D to play in the Winter Leagues. Moreover, TIH organized training sessions throughout the year and produces hundreds of new hockey players each year.

To help our potential coaches to pursue hockey coaching as their career, we invites experienced local or overseas instructors to organize coaching courses. Occasionally we send potential coaches to overseas seminar and workshops to enrich their knowledge and vision in modern hockey trends.

We support the idea of developing hockey at community level through sponsoring and co-coordinating regional hockey teams to participate in Winter League. We welcome any interested persons to participate in the Community Sports Scheme of the LCSD and we will fully support you to get funding from the government.

We are always looking for volunteers to promote hockey with us. No matter which team you are playing, whether you know any hockey, please do come and join us! The future of Hong Kong hockey needs your contribution and participation!!!

For enquiry, please write to