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HKHAWS 21-22 Circular No. 1 - 2021-2022 HKHA Women's Section Committee Members

WS AGM Minutes 2019-2020
Chairwoman's Report 2020-2021
Financial Statement 2020-2021


To:       Women’s Club Convenors
            HKHAWS Committee
            HKHA Council Members 

30 June, 2021

Dear Club Convenors,

The HKHA Women's Section is pleased to announce the 2021-2022 Committee members as listed below: 

Position Name
Chairwoman Leela PATEL
Vice Chairwoman CHAU Wing Kei (Noel)
Honorary Secretary Eva THOMETZ
Committee Member YAU Yuen Ki (Kitty)
Committee Member Leena MADHVANI
Committee Member Michelle BURY
Committee Member MOK Ka Man (Moka)
Committee Member LI Hiu In Vivian
Committee Member Frery WINKEL


Please kindly find attached soft copies of the documents presented at the HKHAWS AGM on 22 June 2021.


Kind Regards,

Eva Thometz

Hon. Secretary