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HKHAWS 21-22 Circular No. 18 - WL 21/22 Conclusion of the Women's League

22 March, 2022
Dear Club Convenors,

Conclusion of the Hong Kong Hockey Women's Winter League 2021-22 

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the HKHAWS has decided to conclude the Hong Kong Hockey Women's Winter League 2021-22. 

Before the suspension of sport in January 2022, all teams had enjoyed 4 consecutive months of matches and had already begun playing their second round matches.  Across all 5 divisions there were 4 matches that were unplayed matches for round 1: 
  • 3 in First Division 
  • 1 in Second Division
The results of these 4 matches will not affect the top 3 standings in their respective divisions but they will impact the potential relegation positions in those divisions.  

Therefore the champions and runners up for each division shall be confirmed based on the league standings after Round 1 results only.  They will be announced shortly in a separate circular and trophies presented at the HKHAWS AGM in due course. 

There will be no automatic promotion and relegation. Instead it will be handled on a case by case basis as we approach the start of the new season and will reach out to relevant clubs in due course.  Only champions / runners up are eligible to be considered for promotion. In case of disputes over relegation, the WS reserves the right to hold playoffs to determine which team(s) shall be relegated. 

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the community for their continuing support and to congratulate all teams on a successful first half of the season.

Kind Regards,