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HockeyHKWS 23-24 Circular No. 14 - Clarity on Core/ Non-Core Changes & Related Penalty Schedule

Clarity on Core and Non-Core Player Designations


Dear Convenors,


Further to the “Key Points of the Proposed Competition Bye-laws Changes (Revised)” presented in the HockeyHKWS 23-24 Circular No. 4, the committee has taken on board feedback from clubs and observed the application of these new rules in the first two months of the season.  The rules have been substantially adhered to, but there have been certain questions raised which the HockeyHKWS feel would be addressed by issuing clarifications to the rules for ease of understanding.  These have been attached here.


The term “doubling up” has been removed and replaced with “non-Core mobility” to better reflect the intention of the flexibility permitted to players.


These clarifications will supersede the previous version effective as of tomorrow, 11th November 2023.  Any contraventions of these player movement rules will be subject to the penalties outlined in First Schedule of the attached document "Clarity on Core/Non-Core Changes".  Any breaches of the existing Core/non-Core player movements in effect until today, will also be fined in line with the attached schedule.  The wording in the rules in effect on the date of a breach will be considered if contraventions have been observed.


Kind Regards,