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Recruitment of Women's National Coach & Development Officer

Hockey Hong Kong, China is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced candidate for the post of Women’s National Coach & Development Officer. The main duties of the post include:

1. Talent spotting, selecting, coaching and training the women’s senior and junior squads for participation in the international tournaments; 
2. Coaching and training other women’s HKHA development squads to progress to senior level;
3. Developing training programs for the designated women’s squads to meet the above objectives; 
4. Assisting in reviewing and formulating the HockeyHKWS' development programs in order to raise the standard of coaching; and 
5. Conducting outreach programs for promotion and development of hockey in schools, universities and communities and identifying young talents amongst female players. 

Required professional qualifications and working experience
We invite applicants who can demonstrate the following:
1. Creating a challenging and competitive training and match environment to provide further development and to maximize the individual and the team performances of high level senior and junior teams.
2. Personality and people management’s skills to inspire excellence individually and as a team.
3. A motivator and a mentor.
4. Understands that individual and team discipline are key indicators for high-level performances.
5. Excellent communicator with all stakeholders
6. Experience in coaching elite teams across all age groups and in a multicultural environment
7. Experience in managing hockey development programs
8. Holders of FIH Coaching Certificates (Level 3 or higher)

The initial term of appointment of this part time role will be two years.  Interested parties should e-mail Hockey Hong Kong, China no later than Friday 24th November 2023 and provide a resume and an indication of the remuneration expected.