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HKHAWS 21-22 Circular No. 22 - Annual General Meeting 2021-2022


WS AGM Notice 2022

WS AGM Agenda 2022

WS AGM Attendance Form 2022

WS AGM Nomination Form 2022

(Draft) HKHAWS General Bye-laws 11 June 2022 v2

Comparison - HKHAWS General Bye-laws 11 Jun 2018 vs 11 June 2022 Draft v2



Dear Club Convenors,

Notice is hereby given, in accordance with General Bye-Law 11.1 that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Hong Kong Hockey Association Women’s Section (HKHAWS) will be held on Tuesday, 28th June 2022 at 7:30 pm in Kowloon Cricket Club. The agenda for the meeting is attached and nominations are invited for the following posts:

  • Chairwoman
  • Vice Chairwoman
  • Honorary Secretary​​
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Ground & Fixtures Secretary
  • General Committee Members (7)

The nomination on the attached specified Nomination Form, must be received by the HKHA office no later than 5pm Tuesday, 21st June 2022.  Valid nominations must be proposed and seconded by duly authorized officials of two different affiliated clubs and agreed to by the nominee.  Late nominations will not be considered.

This is to remind all that Committee members should have attended at least sixty percent (60%) of the HKHAWS Committee meetings during their term of office or received approval from the current committee to stand for re-election.​ ​In order to ensure compliance with the legal restrictions currently in place due to Covid-19 restrictions, affiliated clubs may only appoint one (1) person as their authorized representative, who may attend the AGM and shall have the power to vote.  The authorized representative, so permitted to vote, shall personally sign the attendance register at the AGM.  Please complete and submit the enclosed Attendance Form, which should reach the HKHA office no later than 5pm Tuesday 21st June 2022.

Should any affiliated club have any other business to be considered in the AGM, please submit the notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary of HKHAWS together with the mentioned forms and nomination as above. 

Affiliated Clubs are further reminded that the entitlement to vote at the AGM may be withdrawn if they have not settled all the outstanding fines and debts with the HKHAWS seven (7) days before the AGM.  Please note that clubs with outstanding fee may also lose the entitlement to vote at the HKHA Council Annual General Meeting.

Yours sincerely,​​