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Chinese Taipei defeated Singapore at the first match of the 4th Junior AHF Cup (1/8/2014)

Chinese Taipei started the match with much purpose and penetration in the Singapore half, scoring in the 8thminute.  In the middle of the first half, they scored again and the score carried on for most part of the game until Singapore got one back in the dying minutes of the match.


Chinese Taipei, the reigning champion, was the favourite of the tournament.  They dominated much of the first half and most of the action was in the Singapore half.  Their pressure paid off and in the 8th minute, Su Chieh-Yu stole the ball from the Singapore defense and shot past the legs of the defender and the goalkeeper.


Singapore did got back into the game winning a penalty corner in the middle of the first half.  However, it was turned over and Chinese Taipei’s counter attack immediately put the score at 2-0 up.

Penetration by the Singapore team

Penetration by the Singapore team


It was expected to be the same story in the second half but Singapore fought back amazingly, winning a number of penalty corners in succession.  Although Chinese Taipei looked dangerous in counter attacks, it was Singapore which scored eventually.  Final result 2-1 to Chinese Taipei.


The second match will be held tomorrow (August 3rdSunday) at 6pm in King’s Park.  It will be Hong Kong, China’s first match in the tournament.  Please come and support the local team as they face Chinese Taipei.