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HKHAMS 14-15 Circular No. 4 - 2014-15 Men's Winter League Fixtures and revised Bye-Laws

2014-15 Men's fixture_v1.1 (Update on 29Aug2014)
HKHA Competition Bye-Laws Aug 2014
HKHAMS General Bye-laws_June 2014

Dear Convenors,
Thank for your attendance at the Conveners' Meeting last night.

Attached please find the Men’s Winter League fixtures up to 19 Oct 2014 for your record.  We have made amendments against the hard copies distributed last night after noting a few typos.

We also included the revised MS Competition Bye-Laws (amendments marked in red for your easier reference) that was presented last night together with the amended MS General Bye-laws that has been approved at the MS AGM in late June for your reference.
Please note that missing documents of player registrations must be submitted as soon as possible.  Please put remarks of their case types on your submissions for our easier reference and follow up.  Late submission may keep players from participating the league when the season kick starts on Sep 14 as we may not be able processed their applications beforehand.  All applications submitted after the deadline of players registration on Aug 15 will ONLY be processed after the completion of applications that are submitted before deadline.  Please remind players are not allowed to participate in the league match until they are included in the official player list with pictures sent by the HKHA office.
Besides, all clubs have to provide the list (via email) of the qualified umpires who have registered with their clubs to the HKHAMS before 12 September.  Umpires who are not registered with the club are not allowed to umpire for assigned umpire duties of the club teams in Division 4 or above.
Finally, as a new initiative to have more timely update of the match results and league standings as well as avoiding potential disputes on the match card information, Home Team Captains or Club Convenors have to send the image files of both sides of the completed Match Result Card via email to the HKHAMS within 24 hours after the completion of the subject match as per the revised bye-laws.  Please send the image files to Bonnie at
Thank you for your support and cooperation. Enjoy your new hockey season!
Tony NG
Hon. Secretary