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HKHAMS 14-15 Circular No. 6 - Quick reminders to Men's teams

Dear Conveners,

Hope you all have a good start in the new season on last Sunday. Men's Section would like to remind your players on a few issues that we have identified over the past weekend.

1. The exemption for goalkeepers on players movement rules have been removed in the revised MS Competition bye-laws. All goalkeepers have to comply with the player movement rule like other players. In other words, they can play for higher ranked teams for a maximum of three matches. Once they played the fourth match, they have to be re-registered with the highest ranked teams that they have played for among the 4 matches. If they want to play for lower ranked teams, they have to receive prior approval from the MS committee.

2. We have decided to apply the penalty for breaking at a penalty corner to ALL DIVISIONS for both men's and women's league in this season as communicated earlier via convener circulars to you. For the avoidance of doubt, in case of any offence of this rule by a defender on the back line, other than the goalkeeper, the offending player is required to go beyond the centre-line and cannot be replaced by another defender. If another breach by defender during the re-taken penalty corner by a defender on the back line, the team defends the penalty corner with not more than three players. A subsequent penalty corner (as opposed to a re-taken penalty corner) may be defended by not more than 5 players.

3. All home team captains are required to send the pictures/image files of the completed match cards (both sides) to Men's Section within 24 hours after the subject matches are completed besides mailing the match cards to HKHA within 7 days. Many team have failed to do so after their first match on last Sunday. Please remind your team captains to comply with the new rules or your club will be fined accordingly.

4. We noted a few teams failed to provide the umpires with their player lists for match card checking on last Sunday, claiming that they did not receive the lists from the Men's Section. All player lists have been sent out on or before Sep 12. Please remind your team captains that their teams will be fined according to the bye-laws if they cannot provide the player lists to the umpires before the start of the match.

5. We received complaints for some spectators smoking at the spectator stand of the King's Park Hockey Ground. Please remind your players and supporters that smoking is banned at the public sports ground and they will be expelled by the ground staff from the venue for this kind of misbehavior.

6. Men's Section has suspended a player for one match for his disgraceful behaviour at the public area of the King's Park Hockey Ground that had offended other players and spectators. Please remind your players that they have to comply with the HKHA Code of Conduct when they conduct hockey activities.


Tony Ng
Hon. Secretary