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HKHAMS 14-15 Circular No. 21 - Summary of the 2nd Conveners' Meeting

Dear All,

Thanks for the conveners who participated at the second MS conveners' meeting on Jan 6. Please find below the summary of the discussion at the meeting for your reference.

1. The MS Committee reiterated the rationale of adopting the 2-pool format in the second round of the Winter league that had been discussed at both the MS AGM and First Conveners' meeting in last June and August respectively.  To revert to the 2 full rounds format, the MS would have to re- schedule 216 more matches than the 2-pool format adopted, which would unavoidably extend the winter league season into June which would be undesirable in terms of the weather conditions and the clash with the examination season for the student players.

Some clubs voiced their frustration of playing less matches than previous years (16 vs 20).  They were reminded that the MS Committee had also received feedback during the AGM and conveners meeting last year that the current format would make the second round league matches more competitive.  Nonetheless, it was concluded that the league format for 2015-16 season would be discussed further at the coming AGM in June.

2. The Committee also informed clubs that the Disciplinary Committee(DC) would accept video records as evidence for players' serious misconduct during the matches that the umpires were not aware of during the DC hearings. On the other hand, the MS Committee would not accept the video recordings for appeal against the match results.

3. The Committee reminded the conveners that all match card information would be input into the HKHA database for checking of player movements as well as player information.  Team captains were responsible to ensure all information on the match cards was correct before signing the cards after the matches.

4. The Committee confirmed that new FIH rule on playing the ball with the stick above the shoulders would not be implemented in the rest of the season. HKHA Council would work with the Sections to find the best way to implement this new rule in future.

5. The Committee reminded clubs during the meeting that the 2-minutes suspension for green card offence should have been applied across alldivisions.  However, the 2-minute rule was only applied to Premier and D-1 divisions for the time being.  The MS would review with Umpire Section after the end of season on whether to strictly enforce the application of the rules in lower divisions for next season.


Tony NG
Hon. Secretary