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HKHAMS 14-15 Circular No. 34 - Survey on format of the 2015-16 Men's Winter League

Dear Club Conveners,

MS committee has received different opinions on the Winter league format from some of you and decide to conduct a survey on your club's preference on the formats for the 2015-16 Winter League. Please send your response via email to the HKHA office on or before May 31 for further consideration at the MS Committee.

Proposed league formats:

1. Retain the current 1.5 rounds: Round-the-robin matches in the first round followed by two groups of 6 teams in each in the second round.

a. Earlier completion of the hockey season by early May before the weather becomes too hot and conflict of examination season of many young players.
b. Less weekday evening matches are required
c. More competitive matches in the second round especially in divisions that have a big gap between the top and bottom teams.
d. Making room for accepting new teams (we have currently 9 teams in D-6 that can expand to 12 teams max)

a. Reduced number of matches per season (16 vs 20 to 22 beforehand depends on the size of the division)

2. Revert back to 2 full rounds

a. More matches per team (22 vs 16 for Premier to D-5, no impact D-6 unless we have more new teams in next season) per season excluding cup matches

a. Increased number of matches (864 matches for option 2 vs 648 matches for option 1) that will extend the hockey season by an estimate of 7 weeks (completion of league matches by late May and the cup matches by late June to early July).

Please indicate your club's preference between the 2 options for the committee's consideration. Thanks.


Tony Ng
Hon. Secretary