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HKHAMS 16-17 Circular No. 6 - Circular Distribution list and E-match card login

Dear Convenors,
In view of the lack of awareness of communication from the HKHA among teams despite of circulars being issued to all clubs, the MS committee decided to include all team captains or representatives in the team captains or representatives issued by MS.  Please be reminded that communication from clubs to MS still have to go through convenors.
All club conveners are required to submit (i) names, (ii) ID card # and (iii) email addresses of their respective team captains or team representatives (one for each team) to the Men's Section on or before 12th August, 2016 (Friday).  The details will also be used for the login of E-match card system for Men’s League 2016/2017 Season.
Example is as below:


Team Name

Full Name of Captain/ Team Representatives (No nickname please)

ID card # (First 4 Character of ID card# (e.g. Y123456(7), please put Y123)

Email Address

e.g.144U A

CHAN Tai Man


e.g.144U B

HO Ka Wing


E- match card system login - Captains/ Team Rep. default logon to:
User name: e.g. Men’s League 144U Aà  ms 144u a (not case sensitive)
Password: first Characters of ID numbers + CAPTAIN LAST NAME  e.g. Y123CHAN (All Capitals letters)
Thank you for your attention.
Tony NG
Hon. Secretary