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HKHAMS 16-17 Circular No. 10 - Players holding the Recognizance (Form No.8) - UNO players

Dear Conveners,

Men's Section received the enquiry from a group of players who are in possession of the Recognizance (Form No. 8) issued by the HK Immigration Department ("UNO players") regarding their eligibility to play in the Men's League.

After reviewing the response from the Immigration department and extended discussion, the MS committee decided to allow the UNO players to register for the Men's League as per the current MS Competition byelaws 6.1. 

As clearly stated by the Immigration Department, these UNO players cannot be engaged in any form of employment in HK with or without remuneration.

All clubs are reminded to comply with this legal requirement strictly. Any club which is found in violating this requirement will be subject to disciplinary actions by the HKHA including suspension from the Men's League.

We will start processing the registration of UNO players from Sep 7 to allow proper dissemination of this decision to all clubs.

Thanks for your kind attention.


Tony Ng  
Hon. Secretary