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HKHAMS 16-17 Circular No. 38 - Settlement of outstanding fines & dues

Dear Conveners,

Noted that many men’s clubs have not settled their outstanding fines and fees mainly because notices of the fines and additional player registration fees have just been issued from late May to last week due to pending input of the paper match card records from the first round by the HKHA office before the full implementation of E-match card.

According to the MS General Byelaws 12.7a, the Treasurer of HKHAMS shall notify affiliated clubs in writing, at least 14 days before the date of AGM, details of any outstanding fees due from them.

However, our office did not have chance to issue these notices till last week. Hence it would be impractical to demand the all clubs to settle all outstanding amounts 7 days before the AGM date as per the Byelaws 12.7b.

Given the delay in settlement is mainly caused by the administrative issues at the HKHA office, MS committee has decided to grant an one-off exemption to all men’s clubs on complying to the Byelaws 12.7 for the AGM this year.

At the same time, your clubs should settle the outstanding fines and dues as soon as possible as your teams will be able to participate at the Winter League 2017-18 till all the fines and dues are settled.

Thanks for your kind attention and looking forward to seeing you or your representatives at the AGM on this Thursday.


Tony NG
Hon. Secretary