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HKHAMS 17-18 Circular No. 3 - ML17-18 Club and Player Registration and First Meetings


Form A - Club Registration Form 2 pages 17-18

Form B - Player Registration Form 17-18

Form C - Player Re-registration Table 17-18

Winter League 2017 - 2018 Notice - Club Entries Player Registration

HKHA Code of Conduct (27 June 2014)

Uniform Advertising_rev01

League structure_2017-18

Player protrait Photo sample

Convenor Logon Instructions


To: Convenor of Affiliated Clubs (Men’s)

Cc: HKHAMS Committee


Dear Club Convenors,


The start of the new 2017-18 will soon be upon us.  The first games of the Winter League 2017-2018 are earmarked to be played on 10 September 2017, while the first round of Premier Division games are scheduled for 17 September 2017.


Club and Player Registration


Please see attached:-


1.            Form A for Club registration in excel format (please note that pages 1 and 2 are on separate tabs);

2.            Form B for New Player registrations;

3.            Form C for Re-registration of existing players; and

4.            “Winter League 2017-18 Notice” containing important notes to convenors, in particular on the uploading of photographs and other player details onto the HKHAMS player database.


Please complete both pages 1 and 2 of Form A and submit the same to the Association together with the Affiliation fee and team annual administration fee no later than 5pm on or before 31 July 2017.

Please complete Form B and Form C and upload player details and photographs onto the HKHAMS player database no later than 5pm on 7 August in order to ensure that your players are on team lists for the first games of the season. 


You are required to read the attached “Winter League 2017-18 Notice” for pre-season player registrations and the attached instructions to convenors for logging onto the HKHAMS player database.


All new players have to submit a clear, forward facing, high resolution portrait photograph in Jpeg format together with their Form B new player registration forms.  For details on the required specifications for portrait photographs, please see the attached “Winter League 2017-18 Notice” and the attached sample portrait photograph.


HKHAMS will only process new player registrations after it receives all the required documentation and personal portrait photographs.


If your club has secured new sponsorship involving a change to the design of your playing kit, please submit the design indicating the size and placement of sponsor logos for HKHAMS approval.  Please see attached document headed “Uniform Advertising” setting out the specifications for sponsors’ logos, as per the MS Competition Bye-laws.  Please note that the approval of the HKHAMS in writing is required before a club can accept any sponsorship.


In short, please submit all the necessary information before the stated deadlines as HKHAMS may not be able to process club/team/player registrations after this deadline in time for the first game of the season.




Because of the higher expenditure relating to Premier Division games (due to the video recording of games, scoreboard operation and appointed umpire fees) and 1st Division games (due to appointed umpire fees), the Committee resolved to increase the annual administration fee for Premier and 1st Division teams accordingly.  The new annual and administration fees are now as follows:-


Annual affiliation fee:                    HK$750 per club                                               


Annual administration fee:          HK$19,000 per team for Premier                                               

                                                                HK$12,900 per team for 1st Division                                      

                                                                HK$10,000 per team for 2nd and 3rd Divisions                                    

                                                                HK$9,000 per team for 4th and 5th Divisions


First Meeting of Convenors and Premier Division Captains


Please could you inform your clubs of the dates of the first meeting of Convenors and Premier Division Captains/Coaches:-


Convenors’ meeting – 8 August 2017, 7pm at 2/F., Administration Block, King’s Park Hockey Ground.

Premier Division Captains’ meeting – 15 August 2017, 7pm at 2/F., Administration Block, King’s Park Hockey Ground.


Enclosed please find the league structure for Men's Winter League 2017-18 for your reference. The league format will be explained at the Conveners' Meeting.


Should there be any queries, please feel free to contact us at 2782 4932.



Richard Mak

Hon. Secretary