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HKHA 17-18 Circular no. 3 - Reminders on the operation of E-match card

To:   Convenors of Affiliated Clubs (Men’s and Women’s)
        Registered Umpires

C.c: HKHA Council Members
       HKHA Sections’ Committee Members

Dear all,

Thanks to your support, the implementation of E-match card was smooth in the last season after the initial trial-and-error period.

Before the start of the season, we would like to provide you a refresher note on the operation of the E-match card.

By now, you should have sent to HKHA office the information of your team captains/representatives for setting up the team login information for operating the E-match card. If you have not done so, please send the information before noon on Sep 7 (Thu) or else you may not be able to run the E-match card.

Please ask your team captains and anyone who will stand in as captains to read through the E-match card guidelines: Card/Electronic Match Card Guidelines 2017_0814.pdf

A few quick reminders for the team captains/representatives:

A. The E-match card for your first league match is now ready for input. You should try logging in your team page to check it out. 

For those teams which have already set up the user names and passwords last season, the login credentials remain unchanged. You can change your password as highlighted in the guidelines.

    For new teams, your default user names and passwords are as follows:
    User name: Your team name, e.g. MS 144U A 
    Password: first four Characters of ID numbers + CAPTAIN LAST NAME  e.g. Y123CHAN (All Capitals letters)

Please share the password with your teammates to ensure they can input the E-match card in your absence.

B. BOTH team captains MUST submit their player lists and umpire information (by the HOME team captain) before the start of the match.

The match will not start until the umpires confirm that player lists are submitted properly. Umpires should shorten the match time in  case of any delayed start due to late submission of the player lists to ensure that remaining fixtures can proceed on time.

C. The Captains should ensure that BOTH UMPIRES input penalty cards, if any, and the scores (by Umpire 1) AND THEN PRESS SUBMIT on the match card before they leave the pitch. The captains will otherwise be unable to input the scorers and SUBMIT the match card to complete the processing of the E-match card (equivalent to signing off the match card). 

Should teams fail to SUBMIT the match card before the specified cutoff time by the respective sections, they may be subject to a penalty.

D. Teams captains/Representatives who have problem with the team login or inputting/submitting the match cards can contact the office  during office hours or the Match Day Supporting team (see list below) for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions from captains:

1. Captains have insufficient time to confirm player lists immediately before pushback.

- Captains can start inputting their player list for the next match as soon as they complete the submission of their previous match card. They can then SAVE the player list and amend it at anytime until they press SUBMIT on the match card before the start of the next match.  

However, once the match card is SUBMITTED, captains are unable to amend the player list. They have to contact the office during office hours or Match Day supporting team (see list below) to add or remove players from the E match card. 

2. What shall the captains do if one or both umpires fail to show up at the scheduled start time of the match?

- If one of the assigned/appointed umpires fails to show up at the pitch at the scheduled match time, the HOME team captain should input the umpire number of the one who shows up as Umpire 1 and then mark in the comment box on the E match card which umpire has not shown up. 

If there is another registered umpire who is willing to take up the umpiring duty, the HOME team captain can enter his/her umpire number as Umpire 2 and SUBMIT the player list.

If there are no other umpires available to be Umpire 2, both teams have to provide umpires as stipulated by the competition bye-laws. No umpire information is required to be inputted for Umpire 2. 

Umpire 1 is responsible for inputting the scores after the match as well as recording the penalty cards given (see guidelines). 

In the worst case scenario that both assigned/appointed umpires are absent and there are no other registered umpires available on the spot to umpire the match, BOTH teams have to provide umpires and NO UMPIRE information is required to be inputted. The home team captain should put remark of “umpire no show” in Captain’s remark field and can then submit the player list and starts the match accordingly.

The HOME team captains will then be responsible for inputting scores after the match. They will then need to follow the procedures to input the scores to complete the submission of the match card. 

3. What shall captains do if the umpires arrive after the match has started and the player lists are submitted without the relevant umpires' information ?

- The team captains can decide whether they will allow these umpires to umpire their match if there are already alternate umpires. The team captains HAVE TO contact the Match Day Support team to amend the umpire information on the E-match card  accordingly. Otherwise the late-arriving umpires will not be able to complete nor submit the match card.

List of Match Day Support team

Women's matches:
Karina Lam (9261 7153)

Richard Mak (9363 5212) 

Men's matches:
Lewis Man (6792 8751)
Billy Dillon (9105 1476) 

The successful implementation of the E-match card counts on your seamless support. 


Ernest LI
Hon. Secretary
The Hong Kong Hockey Association