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HKHAMS 17-18 Circular No. 6 - New Rules and Clarifications/Reminders of existing rules for 2017-18

Dear All,


Trust you are all ready for the debut of the new Winter League from this Sunday (Sep 10).


Men’s Section would like to draw your attention to the following new rules that will be implemented in the 2017-18 season and clarifications/reminders of existing rules.


1. Above the shoulder (Overheads) rule  

2. Amendment on “tap-and-go” & “timeout” scenarios for free hits within 5m of the circle

3. Objects on the field

i.      a free hit should be awarded if this occurs outside the circle, and

ii.      a penalty corner awarded if this occurs inside the circle.


4. Reminder on Two minutes injury break

i.      that player must leave the field of play and return to the team bench area for a minimum of two minutes of playing time;

ii.      the two minutes period will be managed by the MO on duty;

iii.      the player required to leave the field of play may be substituted. (NOT during PC)


5. Reminder on Two Minute Green Card

i.      Player MUST wait for the umpire’s signal before they can return to the field


6. Reminder on “One Person” Rule





Richard Mak

Hon. Secretary