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HKHA 17-18 Circular no. 4 - Reminders on the e-match card issues

To:   Convenors of Affiliated Clubs (Men’s and Women’s)

C.c:  HKHA Council Members
HKHA Sections’ Committee Members

 Dear Convenors and Captains,

Thanks to all your efforts, the operation of the e-match card has been largely smooth in the last few weeks.  It appears that all teams are now familiar with the process involved with submitting e-match cards, so there will be no Match Day assistance from this weekend onwards.  That being the case, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the most common e-match card issues in recent weeks, namely:

1. Home team captains forgot to input umpire numbers before submitting player list. 

2. "Captain" was not entered when player list was submitted.

3. Umpires did not enter result and submit match card before leaving the pitch, leaving captains unable to subsequently input goal scorers and submit the match card.

4. Teams that did not score forgot to submit match card.  

Items #1 to #3 are considered as incomplete match card submission while #4 could be considered as late submission or non-submission.  Any failure to submit e-match cards will now be subject to fines.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of our league games, we would follow the same practice when we were using paper match cards.  That is, the home team captains have carriage of the formal submission of e-match cards and are responsible for the following:

a. inputting of umpire numbers; and
b. overseeing umpires entering result and submitting the e-match card before they leave the pitch.

Home teams which fail to do so would be subject to fines. 

For team captains who are unavailable for games, please make sure that you share your logon credentials with your stand-in captains. 

If you are hiring umpires for your team duties, please ask them to try logging on to the system (if they have not done so this season) during the week and seek assistance from the office if they have any issues before the weekend. There have been a few umpires who have forgotten the process or their own logon credentials, putting the e-match card process to a complete halt on matchdays. 

Thank you.

The Hong Kong Hockey Association